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10 ways you can tell you are a tractor driver

Tractor drivers have a number of features that set them apart from the rest.

  1. They sleep with their earpiece in;
  2. Their cover photo is their favourite tractor;
  3. They own at least one piece of Grassmen merchandise;
  4. They are blind to gateposts and pillars;
  5. Every other tractor driver on the road gets the ‘salute’ (We don’t even need to describe it, you all know what it is);
  6. They have taken at least one video of them driving a tractor;
  7. Eyebrow piercings are optional but encouraged;
  8. They are never seen in a pair of wellies, boots only;
  9. They have never been on a summer holiday, no time for that;
  10. Silage tunes blaring in the cab at all times.
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