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10 things dairy farmers can relate to

Cows don’t like the rain

If you’re milking on a wet day, don’t be surprised to see the cows standing around the yard after.

Always check the fence

The fence is often turned off to go do fieldwork, remembering to turn it back on after can often be forgotten.

Drop everything and milk

No matter what you are doing, when the time comes to milk nothing else matters. Cows need their routine.

A good-looking cow isn’t always a good cow

Sometimes the best-looking cow in the herd can be one of the worst producers, the stats never lie.

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Keeping the feet of your cows healthy is an ongoing battle, there’s always one or two that need attention.

Cow order

You will know the order that your cows come into the parlour – some like to be first in while others wait until the end. If this order changes, you’ll have a good idea that something is wrong.

Well-fed bull

Towards the second half of the breeding season, the number of animals in the parlour will increase but the numbers milking will not. The bull usually takes up 2 spaces and gets well fed while he waits for the rest to milk.


There is nothing worse than when you’re putting on a cluster and you see the tail rising. Next thing you’re covered and wondering if she did it on purpose.

Grass is king

I think every farmer knows this. It is the cheapest source of feed with the greatest return and needs plenty of management.

Weather limitations

No matter what needs to be done or what you plan to do, the weather will always take that decision out of your hands.

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