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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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‘Support smaller businesses like your local AI technician’

Budore Fertility Services is the brainchild of renowned farmer and show exhibitor Eamon McGarry, Dundrod, Crumlin.

The Blonde pedigree cattle breeder launched the firm in February 2022 after identifying an opening in the market for a “more flexible” AI service for dairy and beef farmers.

He has years of experience in the field, having previously worked for some of the biggest AI companies in Northern Ireland.

Through his newly established business, McGarry offers AI services for cows and heifers, carrying a stock of top-proven dairy and beef sires.

Interest in cattle breeding 

The owner of Budore Fertility Services told That’s Farming editor, Catherina Cunnane:

“Honestly, I have always been into cattle breeding from a very young age and have vast experience with cattle.”

“I have been working on the family farm of 25 pedigree Blonde cattle, showing in a big way from 2004.”

“From this, I developed a keen interest in breeding and AI’ing cattle. I have also worked clipping and preparing beef cattle for shows.”

“Besides, I have exhibited cattle for some of the biggest names on the show circuit the past ten years. To date, I helped lead the way in championships such as at Balmoral Show, The Royal Highland Show and Tullamore Show, along with various local shows and sales.”

“In 2016, we won Balmoral show with Budore Lollypop and reserve silverware on the same day with Budore Liza, which we bred and prepared for the show as part of the family herd.”

Budore Fertility Services

Through his new business venture, he aims to enable farmers to receive their desired level of success, optimising animals’ breeding potential to the highest standard at their convenience, using the “highest” standard of bulls across a “wide” selection of breeds.

“I always remember my late father, a part-time farmer, struggling to get cows AI’d in the evening. He was unable to take time off work to fit AI’ing cows into his schedule.”

“My business is aimed at part-time and full-time farmers, whether they are looking for a very early call in the morning or a late call in the evening. “

“The service that we offer at Budore Fertility Service is of very high quality with the highest standard of hygiene and a high success rate.”

“We offer a service for everyone, whether you have a single cow to AI or large batches. We can accommodate your breeding needs. Also, we offer a walking service tail painting in your dairy herd. We work with your local vet to help set up breed plans to suit your farm.”

“Essentially, we are here to help all bovine herds, whether you are farming 10 to 500 cows. We will help with your breeding period to optimise your beef or dairy operation, with a calm and effective service through Counties Antrim, Down and Armagh.”

“We aim to offer a top-quality service with flexibility to suit a farmer’s needs, and quality is at the forefront of the business.”

“What helps us in this line of business is the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of farming at this current time. Prices for feed, fuel and fertiliser are at an all-time high. They do not look like they will fall anytime soon.”

Budore Fertility Services is the brainchild of renowned farmer and show exhibitor Eamon McGarry, Dundrod, Crumlin.

Trends: What bull breeds are popular? 

McGarry explained that since establishing his own business, he has noticed that calving ease is the number one trait that most customers desire.

Furthermore, he explained that his dairy farming customers are more commonly opting for Aberdeen-Angus and Limousin sires.

Besides, on the suckling front, he highlighted that customers with cross-bred herds appear to be gearing more towards Limousin and Charolais commercial breeding females.

He noted that customers with beef-bred heifers are opting for Speckle Park and Blonde sires, primarily for ease of calving,

“I have noticed more of a trend with farmers looking for triple mix straws and Speckle Park bulls in dairy herds. Beef-bred calves are in high demand in the drop calf ring. Colour has a big part to play in this.”

McGarry explained that he desires to expand the company’s reach over the next five years, whereby he has several AI technicians covering Down, Armagh and Antrim.

He hopes that this will pave the way for further expansion in other areas of Northern Ireland.

Budore Fertility Services is the brainchild of renowned farmer and show exhibitor Eamon McGarry, Dundrod, Crumlin.

Good working relationship 

Concluding, he said: “Support smaller businesses like your local AI technician.”

“Having a good relationship with them can be more beneficial and effective for your herd. You could keep costs lower and opt for working times to suit you, whether you work full-time or alternatively, you want the technician there before a certain time of day at a competitive and affordable rate,” he concluded.

“I take real pride in the service that I can provide clients. In just a few weeks, I have already AI’d at a range of farms. I have helped them with synchronisation programmes to get a batch of heifers ready for serving,” he concluded.

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