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VIDEOS: Chlorine-free cleaning for milking plants & bulk tanks

Biocel Ltd, based at Little Island Cork, is fully supportive of the industry requirement to move to chlorine free-cleaning.

The company has been supplying the dairy production sector for over 50 years with premium brands such as Circodine, Multisan and Serpent.

Biocel Ltd has carried out extensive farm trials, in conjunction with Teagasc and at farm level nationwide, to enable the industry to be offered cost-effective chlorine-free detergents that will deliver the same consistent results as chlorine-containing products.

The key output of these extensive trials are as follows:
  1. The wash solution’s temperature is critical for successful chlorine-free cleaning, with a target temperature of 50- 55 Deg °C ideally required at the end of the cleaning cycle for effective cleaning.
  2. The frequency of hot washing needs to increase to 7 times per week, incorporating 4-5 Alkaline Washes & 2 -3 Acid Washes.
  3. Serpent Peracetic Acid’s use was also shown to be very beneficial in maintaining consistent low TBC/ Thermoduric counts.
According to Biocel Ltd’s chlorine-free proven team:
  1. Circodine CF – This is its chlorine-free alternative to its tried and trusted Circodine P premium quality powder detergent.
  2. Locount – Moorepark 76 % Sodium Hydroxide powder formulation.
  3. Multisan CF – Chlorine-free liquid detergent suitable for bulk tanks and milking plants.
  4. CIRCO- ACID 3 – Nitrate-free single step detergent/descaler/disinfectant suitable for single stage cleaning of Bulk Tanks or in conjunction with Circodine CF / Locount / Multisan CF on Milking Plants & Bulk Tanks.
  5. Supercleen Descaler – High concentrate acid blend for routine descaling.
  6. Serpent – Low dose rate Peracetic Acid for final rinse use in milking plant & bulk tanks.

Biocel Ltd supports the industry move to chlorine-free cleaning with product promotions, chlorine-free wash programs that are available in stores to ensure our customers maintain the consistent quality results from its dairy hygiene range for many years.

Chlorine-free cleaning of bulk tanks:

Chlorine-free cleaning of milking plants:

Further information

For technical support on any aspect of chlorine-free cleaning, contact 021 4353516 or [email protected]

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