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Catherina Cunnane
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VIDEO: The ‘world’s’ quietest cattle chute’

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Arrowquip claims that its new flagship Q-Power 107 Series is “more than a silent hydraulic cattle chute”.

The Canadian-based company has designed what it regards as the “world’s quietest manual cattle chute” to reduce animals’ stress levels.

This Q-Power has been reinvented with the newest version boasting superior hydraulics, a new heavy-duty frame, and innovative features.

Seven models have been released to provide farmers with an “even easier, quieter and more efficient experience”.

36 ways to access animal

The slam latches and electric power packs have been optimized for calm, quiet cattle handling, according to the company.

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Its patented 3E technology uses light to draw cattle through the chute for improved cattle flow. There are 36 ways to access your animal, including the new needle door, access panels, and vet cage.

“You can also choose a manual or hydraulic head restraint, and add trimming and sternum bars for enhanced safety.”

“Whether you need to bolt your chute to concrete or place it on load bars, mount brackets come standard, and the new wheel kit makes your chute transport-ready.”


“With superior fast-response hydraulics and precision engineering, the Q-Power delivers maximum performance so you can do more work in half the time.”

This chute is built for durability and performance, with a structural frame that has been reinforced, and features the same beams as the firm’s portables units.

For improved performance, cylinders and connections have been upgraded to provide a faster response with the lightest touch of the controls, enabling operators to work with more cattle in less time.



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