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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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‘Premium’ prices for beef and store cattle at Tuam

Tuam Mart report – cattle prices – 06-09-2021

According to Marion Devane, there was a “noticeable lift” in bullock and heifer prices at Monday’s sale at Tuam Mart.

The mart manager reported “a lively and desirable trade”. “The manoeuvre by factories pulling the price this week did not appear to hinder trade.”

“Premium prices were paid for both quality store and beef cattle with a brisk ringside and online activity from buyers.”

Tuam Mart 06-09-2021

Dry cows:

“Similar to last week, there was exceptional cow trade at this week’s sale. Prices surpassed €2,000/head. Cows averaged at €2.05/kg.”

Sample prices include €1780 (€2.42/kg) for a 735 kg LMX cow by a Barnaderg farmer;

  • A 730 kg CHX by a Tuam farmer made €1650 (€2.26/kg);
  • Also, a 720 kg LM cow by a Tuam farmer made €1790 (€2.20/kg);
  • A cow weighing 925 kg by a Bushypark farmer made €2,040 (€2.21/kg).

Devane reported a “tremendous” heifer trade as stores made in excess of €2.86/kg, and beef cattle surpassed the €2.50/kg mark. “There was strong demand for lighter flashy continental heifers types by farmers.”

  • LMX weighing 375kg by a Lavally farmer made €1040 (€2.77/kg)
  • LMX weighing 395kg by a Dunmore farmer fetched €1080 (€2.73/kg)
  • CHX pair of 330kg heifers by a Lavally farmer sold for €880 (€2.67/kg)
  • 455 kg SIX by a Belclare farmer fetched €1170 (€2.57/kg)
  • 440 kg LM by a Dunmore farmer made €1170 (€2.66/kg)
  • 405 kg LM by a Lavally farmer changed hands for €1160 (€2.86/kg)
  • 520 kg BBX by an Abbeyknockmoy farmer pushed up to €1430 (€2.75/kg)
  • 555 kg LMX by a Barnaderg farmer made €1360 (€2.45/kg);
  • Heavier heifers, including a 660 kg CHX by a Tuam farmer, made €1660 (€2.52/kg)
Bullocks at Tuam Mart 06-09-2021

Bullocks met with a “fantastic” trade with buyers anxious to secure forward beef store cattle.

  • 370 kg LMX by a Mountbellew farmer made €970 (€2.62/kg)
  • 375 kg SIX by a Bushypark farmer sold €1020 (€2.72/kg)
  • 390 kg LMX by a Dunmore farmer fetched €1180 (€3.03/kg)
  • 455 kg LMX by a Milltown farmer climbed to €1200 (€2.64/kg)
  • 495 kg CHX by a Lavally farmer peaked at €1380 (€2.79/kg)
  • 675 kg LMX by a Tuam farmer made €1770 (€2.62/kg)
  • A 715 kg SIX by a Tuam farmer made €1780 (€2.49/kg)
  • A 750 kg LMX by a Tuam farmer made €1850 (€2.47/kg)
Weanling prices

Tuam Mart’s first weekly evening weanling sale commenced this week with the Belgian Blue and Simmental Show and Sale.

Devane commented: “A relatively small number of weanlings were on offer, but trade was met with a lively demand from farmers, shippers and northern buyers.”

“Congratulations to prize winners including Seamus and Sean Hession from Gortbeg winning the Belgian Blue Heifer class.”

“Also, Jack Walsh from Shrule won the Belgian Blue Bull class, and Michael Keavney from Glenamaddy won both the weanling bull and heifer classes. Again, a special word of thanks to St. Jarlaths Credit Union for continuing to be our main sponsor for all our special sales.”

Weanling heifer prices:
  • A 230 kg SI by a Glenamaddy farmer made €830 (€3.61/kg)
  • A 230 kg BBX by a Tuam farmer topped out at €710 (€3.09/kg)
  • A 360 kg BBX by a Ballyglunin farmer changed hands for €1300 (€3.61/kg)
  • A 335 kg BBX by a Tuam farmer climbed to €1050 (€3.13/kg)
  • A 400 kg BBX by a Tuam farmer made €1200 (€3.00/kg)
Weanling bull prices:
  • A 240 kg SI by a Glenamaddy farmer made €780 (€3.25)
  • A 365 kg BBX by a Shrule farmer sold for €1150 (€3.15/kg)
  • A 435 kg CHX by a Craughwell farmer climbed to €1240 (€2.85/kg)
  • A 455 kg BBX by a Tuam farmer hit €1275 (€2.80/kg)
Cattle prices at Tuam Mart

Read a report from last week’s sale.

Mart information:
  • Address: Church View, Corralea West, Tuam
  • County: Galway
  • Phone: 093-24353
Upcoming sales at Tuam Mart:
  • Cattle sales every Monday;
  • Sheep sales every Tuesday. Intake from 12 pm to 3 pm. Breeding ewes and hogget at 4:30 pm in ring 1 and lamb sale on the plank at 5 pm.
  • Special sales: Limousin weanling show and sale at 6 pm in ring 1 on Monday.

Read more mart reports.

To include your reports, email – [email protected]

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