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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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Lynch reviews 9 of Dovea’s terminal sires for suckler farmers

John Lynch previewed Dovea Genetics’ range of sires for the terminal market in the AI company’s recent autumn beef breeding webinar.

The beef programme manager provided viewers with an insight into the firm’s range of Limousin, Charolais, Parthenaise and Blonde offerings.

  1. Ernevalley Madison ET;
  2. Claddagh McCabe (ET);
  3. Wilodge Joskins;
  4. Knockmoyle 10 Loki ET;
  5. Bud Orpheus;
  6. Ballym Rocco;
  7. Obama;
  8. Hongrois;
  9. Glacon.

Limousin bulls:

Ernevalley Madison ET – LM4745

  • Carries one copy of Q204X gene and one copy of F94L;
  • Bull to breed power, muscle and style;
  • Average calving difficulty – Use on second or third calver onwards;
  • Shapey calves with good weight for age;
  • First son, Ernevalley Rolex, was senior champion at the Irish Limousin Cattle Society’s premier autumn 20221 sale and sold for €7,000;
  • Beef finisher;
  • Pedigree royalty sire.


Claddagh McCabe (ET) – LM6529

  • Ampertaine Foreman son;
  • Out of Millbrook Ginger Spice;
  • Carries two copies of Q204X gene – unique combination for a Limousin sire;
  • Average calving difficulty on beef cows – Ideal for cows
  • Not recommended for heifers;
  • Shape and style;
  • Will breed “something special” – Lynch, who reported “huge demand” amongst fatstock show producers and pedigree herds;
  • Weanling producer;
  • Pedigree royalty sire.


Wilodge Joskins – LM2188
  • Son of Wilodge Vantastic;
  • Terminal sire;
  • Myostatin: X1 copy of F94L and one copy of Q204X;
  • Weanling producer – weight for age;
  • Consistent producer of “exceptional” Limousin show cattle;
  • Daughters are “well-balanced, combining style, shape and milk,”;
  • Use on plainer-type cows;
  • Beef finisher;
  • Pedigree royalty sire.


Charolais bulls:

Knockmoyle 10 Loki ET – CH4159 [main image]

  • High index terminal sire;
  • Pirate and CF52 blood;
  • Easy calving;
  • “Huge” farmer satisfaction – “reliable Charolais sire that ticks all the boxes for suckler farmers.”
  • Weanling producer – Progeny have style, muscle and correctness;
  • Beef finisher;
  • Ideal for red Limousin cow;
  • Semen “readily” available again.

Bud Orpheus – CH5932

  • CF52 son;
  • Weight for age;
  • Mytostatin: One copy of F94L gene and one copy of Q204X gene;
  • Progeny are long, growthy and have “exceptional” bone and weight for age;
  • “Muscle, power and style in one package,” – Lynch;
  • Weanling producer;
  • Beef finisher;
  • “No huge issues calving difficulty wise on plainer, straighter cows” – Lynch.

Bud O

Ballym Rocco – CH8169
  • €12,800 bull at Irish Charolais Cattle Society sale at Tullamore in 2021;
  • Goldstar Echo lines and Cloverfield Excellent (Dovea Genetics sire) dam;
  • “Huge” amount of semen sold in 2022;
  • First progeny arriving in January 2023;
  • “Could possibly be harder calving than Loki and slightly easier than Orpheus, but there are no calves on the ground” – Lynch.

Ballym Rocco


Obama – PT8481

  • No calves on the ground in Ireland, some in France;
  • Father – Gainsbarre (PT2165) – was average calving difficulty – awaiting figures;
  • Smart, long, clean, bull like sire, in Lynch’s opinion;
  • Weanling producer;
  • Use on suckler cows only.

Pt Bull

Hongrois – S3648

  • Ideal to produce weanlings for export market;
  • Medium-sized progeny with “extreme” shape;
  • Easy calving;
  • Weanling producer;
  • Two copies of NT821 gene.


Blonde d’Aquitaine

Glacon – BA4611

  • Easy-calving;
  • Some farmers have used on heifers;
  • Shapey, muscly calves – ideal for high-value export markets.


All images via Dovea Genetics

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