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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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20 lots for Simmental Society’s golden jubilee charity auction

To mark the closing of their Golden Jubilee celebrations, the Irish Simmental Cattle Society is set to play host to a charity in aid of the Irish Cancer Society later this week.

The timed auction via MartEye in conjunction with Ballyjamesduff Co-Op Mart, featuring a total of 20 lots, will be open for bidding from this Friday evening, December 16th and will start closing on Monday next at 8 pm.

Speaking to editor of That’s Farming, Catherina Cunnane, Peadar Glennon, general manager of the Irish Simmental Cattle Society, highlighted that this is an “excellent” opportunity for breeders to acquire older genetics while supporting the Irish Cancer Society and to also “get some Christmas shopping done”.

He commented: “The society is very keen to end our 50th celebrations on a very positive note by holding this auction and giving back to a cause that has touched so many families down through the years.”

“I wish to thank all breeders who donated lots for this worthy cause and the continued support of its members.”

“Also, to MartEye and Ballyjamesduff Mart for assisting and facilitating this auction. I also look forward to sitting down on Monday evening and watching the sale unfold.”

“I would advise anyone to sign in well in advance to give their bidding a test run over the weekend,” he concluded.

Simmental charity auction

  1. 5 x Auroch Deuter PP (AHC) straws – Kindly donated by NCBC / Progressive Genetics / Munster Bovine
  2. 3 x Omorga Murray Straws (OMY) + 3 x Ranfurly Klinker (SI7269) Straws + 3 Dellfield Jupiter (SI6427) Straws – Kindly donated by Cotter Family – Drispey Simmentals, Maurice Darcy – Boyerstown Simmentals & Andrew Hanna – Loughside Simmentals.
  3. 2 x Glebefarm Tyson (GFY) + 2 x Camus Vibrant (CVB) + 2 Hillcrest King (HKG) Straws – Kindly donated by Joe & James Kelly, Mount Simmentals;
  4. 1 x Kilbride Farm Dragoon (ZKF) Straw – Kindly donated by David Duffy, Strongbo Simmentals
  5. 2 x Cleenagh Flasher (FLZ) Straws – Kindly donated by Emmanuel O’Dea, Esker Simmentals.
  6. 20 Balybane Lad (BLA) Straws – Kindly donated by John Connaughton, Ballybane Simmentals
  7. 3 x Anatrim Bodybuilder (AYX) Straws – Kindly donated by Regan Family, Corrib Simmentals.
  8. 3 x Banwy T-Rex (S699) Straws – Kindly donated by Garrett & Lyndsey Behan, Clonagh & Jennalyn Simmentals
  9. 2 x Glebefarm Tyson (GFY) Straws – Kindly donated by Seamus & Jennie Aherne, Towerhill & Rubyjen Simmentals
  10. Embryo – Crackley Iris 92F P x Coose Jericho P / Coose Langer P – Kindly donated by John & Ronan Tuohy, Coose Simmentals (Stored at Champion Embryos – No release fee): A rare opportunity to purchase an embryo of this quality. Dam, Crackley Iris 92f P is a heterozygous polled Tiset Darwin cow who is “breeding exceptionally well”. She is Dam to two homozygous polled bulls standing in Bova A.I and Cogent A.I. She is also Dam to Coose New York P who was sold for €7500 at the society’s recent draft sale in Roscommon and sold to the Renowned TowerHill & Rubyjen Simmental herd. Sires of these embryos include Coose Jericho P, who needs no introduction and most recent sired the top price heifer at the Raceview reduction sale at €9,400. Also used on this flush was Coose Langer P ET. Sold privately in spring 2021 to the Kilmore Simmental herd Northern Ireland for an undisclosed five-figure sum. Sired by the easy calving, Kilbride Farm Glenhead P and out of Curaheen Bright eyes, making Langer P a half-brother to Coose Jericho P, who is available from Cogent Signature Beef. The first progeny born from Langer P ET are “exceptionally stylish calves and easily calved”.
  1. 5 x Curaheen Gunshot (SI4147) (Female Sexed Straws) – Kindly donated by Dovea Genetics.
  2. Embryo – Raceview Misty Jade x Cleenagh Flasher/Scottish Neff – Kindly donated by the Wall Family, Curaheen & Auroch Simmentals. (Stored at Bovi Genetics – No release fee). One Embryo of the super breeding Raceview King daughter Raceview Misty-Jade. Misty-Jade has bred a host of high performing progeny including Curaheen Whistey ET, Auroch Hillary ET, Auroch Aniska ET & Auroch Ace ET. The sires used on this flush were specially chosen to introduce older proven bloodlines who have strong evaluations.
  3. 1 x Hillcrest Champion (HCC) Straw – Kindly donated by Padge Mulhare, Hillcrest Simmentals.
  4. 2 x Kilbride Farm Newry (KFY) Straws – Kindly donated by the O’Leary Family, Seaview Simmentals
  5. 10 x Leeherd Lynx (SI7491) Straws – Kindly donated by the Finnegan Family, Leeherd Simmentals.
  6. Embryo – Fearna Regal x Anatrim Bodybuilder, kindly donated by Neenan Brothers Fearna & Limehill Simmentals (Stored at Bovi Genetics – No release fee). One embryo of Fearna Regal (Hillcrest Champion) x Antrim Bodybuilder. Regal has been one of the most prolific cows to have graced Fearna Simmentals and Limehill Simmentals, having bred numerous National title winners and sale toppers. National title winner, Fearna Faith, is a full sibling to this embryo. Embryo stored at Bovi Genetics
  1. 1 x Raceview King (REV) Straw – Kindly donated by Peter & Marion O’Connell, Raceview Simmentals
  2. 10 x Lissadell Mr. Mullarkey (SI7902) straws – Kindly donated by Kieran & Paul Mullarkey Lissadell Simmentals & Tina & John Gosmore, Newtown House Simmentals.
  3. 3 x Curaheen Tyson (TSO) Straws – Kindly donated by Regan Family, Corrib Simmentals.
  4. Embryo – Dermody Candy x Anatrim Bodybuilder/Hillcrest Butcher – Kindly donated by the David Craig – Ballyboggin Simmentals. (Stored with Myles McDermott – No release fee)

Dam of this embryo, Dermody Candy, is a consistent breeding Herkules cow who, in turn, goes back to Gretnahouse Supersonic and Camus Brandy. The society commented that both Anatrim and Hillcrest Butcher have the “ability to breed a real opportunity to breed a Show Stopper with dam”.

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