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Could cost between €27-€37 to make silage bales in 2022

Silage bale costs will be significant for farmers in 2022, writes Keith Fahy, B&T Drystock Adviser, Teagasc, Galway/Clare.

Firstly, if we look at spreading a bag and a half of UREA (If protected cannot be got) at €930 a tonne, this equates to €46.5/bag; this would work out at €70/acre.

If we spread 2,500 gallons of a 6% DM slurry per acre using the trailing shoe/dribble bar, assuming a cost of €30 per load or 20 minutes @ €90/hour, this equates to €30/acre.

If we look at FCI (Farm Contractor Ireland) cost list, they quote that it can cost up to approx. €12/bale excluding plastic to mow, bale, and wrap.

Next, let us look at a roll of plastic. One merchant, I rang, said: “I can’t quote prices for plastic yet. However, I assume it will be over €100 per roll”.

If we take it, we get 10 bales to the acre (5TDM/HA), assuming a roll will do 24-25 bales; this will cost about €4/bale.

We also have to allow €1 to €2 to bring in bale etc. for haulier or own diesel/transport etc..

Silage bale prices 

Renting is also an additional cost. Please see table 2 below:

Table 2:

Assuming 10 Bales/Acre Spreading 1.5 bags Urea and 2500 gallons of thick slurry per acre (91-12.5-80) 
Fertiliser (1.5 bags of UREA/ACRE) €7/Bale
Slurry (LESS2500 gallons per acre) €3/Bale
Mow/Bale/Wrap – FCI costs €12/Bale
Plastic €4/Bale
Diesel/Haulier bringing in Bales €1/Bale
If renting assuming €100/acre/Part of Year                                           (€10/Bale)
Total costs (If renting land) €27                                    (€37/Bale)

So, it is vital that farmers ensure early turnout, maximise slurry and fertiliser efficiencies whilst making excellent silage as there is no room for error in a high-cost year. Take care farming and be safe.

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