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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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Photos: Goulding previews 6 of Progressive Genetics’ new ‘exciting’ sires

Progressive Genetics has, this week, released its autumn suckler beef catalogue, featuring “many exciting” new AI bulls across various continental breeds.

NCBC’s Rose Goulding told That’s Farming that the panel comprises six new Limousins, five Charolais, four Belgian Blues and two Simmentals, amongst others.

She told Catherina Cunnane of this publication:

“Progressive Genetics’ autumn suckler beef catalogue for 2022 offers a large range of available sires.”

“We have some new and exciting upcoming sires available in sexed and conventional semen this coming season and more to come.”

For the purpose of this news article, she previewed six of this catalogue’s ‘highlight’ sires, which include:

    1. Ardlea Rigby – LM8622;
    2. Ardlea Rolex – LM8625;
    3. Lisna Sir – LM8616;
    4. Recif – CH8571;
    5. Romarin – CH8580;
    6. Portroyal Mr. Bull – SI8250.
Ardlea Rigby – LM8622

According to Goulding, this is an “impressive” Derrygullinane Kingbull, son, with the “quality and pedigree” to breed commercial and pedigree show champions.

She explained that he has “exceptional” power, shape, width and style, being a pedigree royalty sire. She explained that Rigby’s grand-dam, Uriel B, is one of the best cows in the renowned French herd of Jacques Bachelier when it was dispersed.


Ardlea Rolex – LM8625

Also from the same herd is Rolex, an “exceptional” Telfers Munster son, from an “outstanding” Vison cow, bred to breed “exceptional weanlings with extra shape”.

“Rolex exhibits exceptional muscle development both on the back and hindquarters. Again, he is a pedigree royalty sire,” she explained.


Lisna Sir – LM8616

According to Goulding, Sir is by the renowned Tomschoice Lexicon from a superb On-Dit daughter.

He is a “super all-round bull – terminal and maternal – offering exceptional quality, power, muscle and width”.

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Recif – CH8571

This is a new Charolais bull in the catalogue; a performance-tested bull from a sire stack of “proven high-performance” French AI sires;  Jarret x Hamel x Azelier x Populair.

Goulding remarked: “Recif is an outstanding specimen of the Charolais breed, being powerful, long, wide, correct and full of beef.”


Romarin – CH8580

Romarin is another one of its new Charolais bulls, and according to Goulding, he is a heterozygous polled, performance-tested bull from a sire stack of proven, high-performing easy calving French AI sires – Niger PP X Calogero X Habit X Harnois.

She remarked:

“He is an exceptional quality heterozygous polled bull that is very correct, functional, well-balanced and well-muscled bull.”


Portroyal Mr. Bull – SI8250

Goulding described this bull as a quality Simmental sire, selected for his correctness, easy fleshing, calving ease, temperament and overall quality.

His dam is a very fertile cow with an “excellent” udder and is a consistent breeder of quality. “He is homozygously polled, so you are guaranteed no horns,” Goulding remarked.

Mr Bull

Take a look at the AI catalogue.

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