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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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Cow with calf sired by Meath brother’s bull makes 16,000gns in Carlisle  

Friday, August 20th, 2021, marked the end of an era for Procters Limousin when the family dispersed their renowned herd at a sale in Carlisle in the UK.

A crowd of new and established breeders made their way to Borderway Mart for Procters Farm’s dispersal sale, which they held due to a “change in farming policy”.

Procters Farm, a hill farm spanning 750-acres of disadvantaged land sitting at 650 feet above sea level, established the herd twenty-five years ago.

Procters Limousin dispersal sale

The bloodlines spoke for themselves throughout the sale when eight lots broke the 10,000gns barrier.

The top price of the day, 16,000gns, was scored twice. First by Procters Rdiamante, an embryo calf and recipient outfit, Rdiamante, a September-20 born daughter of 100,000gns Haltcliffe Vermount and out of 15,000gns Objat daughter, Glenrock Diamante.

This heifer went under the hammer alongside a recipient cow who has been pd’d in-calf to 65,000gns Aultside Meanmachine.

Rdiamante was a jewel the Anside herd could not resist, where she goes home to Mr & Mrs S Irvine, Drummuir, Banffshire.

Also hitting this price tag was Procters Jewellery and her heifer calf at foot, Procters Silver [featured in main image]. Jewellery, an October-2014-born daughter of Glenrock Highwayman, is out of Glenrock Diamante, who the herd purchased in 2014 for 15,000gns.

Jewellery is sold in-calf to Carrickmore Maximus. Silver, the May-2021-born heifer calf at foot, is by Carrickmore Maximus, who was National Limousin Champion at Tullamore in 2018, the youngest ever winner of this title.

He went on to be sold for a record price in Roscrea later that year, purchased jointly for €38,000. This smart outfit dazzled Mrs S Field, Burnley, where she now calls the Cornfield herd home.


Next up at 13,000gns was Procters Janita, with Procters Sjanita at foot. Procters Janita is an April-2014-born Ampertaine Foreman daughter, in-calf to Westpit Omaha. Out of Procters Fanita, the dam’s bloodlines go back to 100,000gns Haltcliffe Vermount.

Heifer calf at foot, Sjanita, is a May-2021 born Ampertaine Majestic daughter.

Limousin cattle, UK,
Janita & Sjanita 

Procters Nelle was next in the price charts, with her heifer calf, Shantelle, changing hands for 10,500gns.

Procters Nelle is the daughter of Haltcliffe Genesis, who has a pedigree “packed” with French bloodlines. Out of Procters Hanelle, a daughter of Hartlaw Excaliber who sold for 22,000gns in 2010.

Nelle displays two sets of F94L ‘profit’ gene and a beef value of LM38, placing her in the top 25% of the breed.

Heifer calf at foot, Procters Shantelle, is a daughter of Maraiscote Phil, who the herd purchased in 2020 for 15,000gns. Gary Swindlehurst snapped up this entry.


The first of four animals to achieve 10,000gns was Glenrock Diamante, a “highly anticipated” animal within the sale.

Limousin cattle, beef prices, beef farming
Glenrock Diamante

12 daughters went under the hammer within the sale and averaged 9,308gns. Procters Legacy previously sold for 24,000gns in 2014 at Carlisle.

She was initially purchased from Mr & Mrs S D Illingworth of the Glenrock herd from their sale in August 2014 for 15,000gns.

A daughter of Objat (19-30-299-413) and out of Glenrock Rupee, an impressive Beef Value of LM39 places her in the top 25% of the breed.

She sold AI’d to Westpit Omaha, who was purchased privately after the Royal Highland Show in 2019.

Going back to her breeders, Diamante returns home to the Glenrock herd, based in Eaglesfield, Lockerbie, after purchasing her in shares with Gary Swindlehurst of the Brackenhurst herd.

Next to achieve 10,000gns was Procters Juleiha alongside Procters Suleiha standing at foot.

Procters Juleiha is a daughter of Haltcliffe DJ, who the herd acquired in 2010 for 72,000gns. She is out of Procters Caleiha, a daughter of Greenwell Leiha, one of the foundation cows at Procters.

Displaying a beef Value of LM37, this seven-year-old cow’s beef value is in the top 25% of the breed.

Suleiah, the May-21 born heifer calf at foot is by the aforementioned €38,000 Carrickmore Maximus. Juleiha and her stylish calf Suleiah was snapped up by Andrew Ewing, Annan of the Fairywater herd.

Reaching 10,000gns was Procters Nwen with heifer calf, Procters Swen, at foot. Sired by 38,000gns Ampertaine Foreman, August-2017-born Nwen is a ET daughter of Procters Gwen, a daughter of 72,000gns Haltcliffe DJ.

An impressive beef value of LM49 puts Nwen in the top 1% of the breed, and she is sold in-calf to Millbrook Playboy.

Heifer calf at foot, May-21 born, Swen, is a daughter of Haltcliffe Orator, purchased for 10,000gns in 2019. Sean Mitchell, Skelton, Penrith, Huttoninglewood herd took this pair home.

Procters Piamante was the final animal to reach 10,000gns. This April-2019-born embryo calf is a daughter of Sympa and out of 15,000gns Glenrock Diamante.

A Beef Value of LM40 places Piamante in the top 10% of the breed, and she also displays two sets of the F94L ‘profit’ gene.

She sold pd’d to Lodge Hamlet and now calls Retford, Nottinghamshire home with Mr W Tomlinson of the Tomlinson herd.

8,200gns or under

Procters Nawen with Procters Syleiha at foot was next in the stakes reaching 8,200gns. The September-2017 Ampertaine Foreman daughter is out of Procters Gwen, who sold for 5,200gns earlier in the sale.

A Beef Value of LM40 places her in the top 10% of the breed. She sold in-calf to Millbrook Playboy and with her fostered heifer calf, Procters Syleiah, at foot.

Syleiah is out of Myleiha, who sold for 6,500gns earlier in the sale. Mrs Field of the Cornfield herd also secured this outfit.

Hot on their heels was Procters Peyrens, who found a new home at 8,000gns.

This embryo daughter of Wilodge Cerberus is out of 15,000gns Glenrock Diamante. This October-19 heifer displays two sets of the F94L myostatin gene and a Beef Value of LM48, placing her in the top 10% of the breed.

Lastly, December-2019-born heifer, Procters Purmante, went under the hammer for 8,000gns. Goldies Jazz sires this embryo daughter of 15,000gns Glenrock Diamante.

Displaying myostatin of F94L and NT821, Purmante also has a Beef Value of LM44, placing her in the top 10% of the breed.

Average prices at Procters Limousin dispersal sale: 
  • 37 cows served and/or suckling: £6328.38
  • 6 in-calf cows: £4550.00
  • 5 recipients with embryo calves: £5922.00
  • 8 served heifers: £4987.50
  • 18 maiden heifers: £3494.16
  • 3 bulls: £5425.00

Report from the Haltcliffe production sale to follow.

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