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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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Kilkenny: Calves from €10/hd as Friesians ‘lacking power and feeding a harder sell

Kilkenny Mart – calf prices – 08-03-2022

According to George Candler, Kilkenny Mart’s calf sale attracted some 700 lots on Tuesday, March 8th, 2022.

The mart’s auctioneer reported that Friesian bulls “lacking power and feeding” were more difficult to sell.

He acknowledged that weather conditions have “not been conducive” for exporters.

Meanwhile, quality Aberdeen-Angus, Hereford, Charolais, Limousin and Belgian Blue calves, both bulls and heifers, were “in demand”.

Kilkenny Mart 08-03-2022:

Calf prices:

  • First-rate Friesian bulls – €80-€180/head;
  • Second-rate Friesian bulls – €10-€50/head;
  • Continental bulls – €180-€470/head;
  • Continental heifers – €120-€470/head;
  • Aberdeen Angus/Hereford bulls – €80-€340/head;
  • Aberdeen Angus/Hereford heifers – €70-€330/head.

This week’s sheep prices:

According to George Candler, some 350 lots came under the hammer at Kilkenny Mart on Monday, March 7th, 2022.

The mart’s auctioneer reported that a “marginally” bigger entry of sheep met with a “slightly sharper trade all-round”.

He outlined that lambs/hoggets peaked at €165/head, while heavy cull ewes topped out at €201.

Kilkenny Mart 07-03-2022:

Butcher lambs – €2.90-€3.16/kg or €152-€165/head:

  • 10 56kgs – €165;
  • 10 55kgs – €164;
  • 8 53kgs – €163;
  • 19 52kgs – €158;
  • 10 54kgs – €159;
  • 10 50kgs – €158.

Factory lambs – €3.10-€3.38/kg or €130-€157/head:

  • 5 49kgs – €157;
  • 6 47kgs – €149;
  • 10 46kgs – €148;
  • 8 45kgs – €152;
  • 7 44kgs – €147;
  • 7 43kgs – €137.

Other categories:

  • Cast ewes – €90-€201/head.
Kilkenny Mart information:
  • Address: Kilkenny Co-Operative Livestock Market LTD, Cillin Hill, Dublin Road, Co. Kilkenny
  • Contact details: [email protected] or phone: 056-7721407 or see the mart’s website.

Upcoming sales:

  • Sheep and calf sale – Mondays at 10 am with a dairy sale at 12 pm
  • Cattle sale – Thursday – Cows at 10 am, followed by heifers, with bullocks at 10:30 am.
Mart reports – cattle and sheep prices:

See more mart reports.

Interview with George Candler, livestock auctioneer 

Last year, we interviewed George Candler from Ballintubber, County Roscommon, grew up on a 100-acre farm.

His mart involvement began through his father, a founding chairperson of Roscommon Mart, who held the position from 1959 to 1986.

“I used to read cattle for people and collect cards. When I went to secondary school, I did clerking, reading, and weighing in the mart. I never sold cattle before I entered Kilkenny Mart,” George Candler told That’s Farming.

In 1972, through his late father’s relationship with Kilkenny Mart’s chairman, Mick Gibbons, he secured a trainee auctioneering position.

At the time, his family understood he would take over the family farm in Roscommon and carve a career in auctioneering as an only son.

Read this profile in full.

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