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Catherina Cunnane
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Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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Over 200 in-calf heifers selected for shape and size for the hammer

Jalex Livestock has partnered with Harrison & Hetherington for its forthcoming on-farm sale of over 200 continental cross in-calf heifers next month.

The sale, which the firm’s James Little will conduct, will take place on the farm in Northern Ireland on Saturday, April 30th, 2022.

This specialist sale is specifically timed for those with autumn-calving herds.

The offering will include various black, blue roan, red and white and red roan heifers, with breeds including Limousin-cross, British Blue-cross, Charolais-cross, and Simmental-cross.

There will also be a selection of show quality heifers available, including some former show beasts.

Jalex heifer sale 

According to James, all heifers are:

  • Hand-picked and selected for their size and shape;
  • Johnes and BVD tested and vaccinated;
  • TB tested every four months.
Calving dates 

All heifers are in-calf via a mixture of AI and natural service. Calving dates for all heifers will be available on the catalogue; some are summer-calvers, but most are due from September.

According to the Alexander family, with around 80 heifers all holding to AI on the same day, the calving period will be “extremely” tight, reducing labour and allowing heifers to fit into the buyer’s system as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, sexed pregnancies also mean buyers can select what best suits their enterprise, whether they prefer bull or heifer calves.

Bulls he has utilised on this consignment include:

  • Uptonley Living the Dream;
  • Ampertaine Lance;
  • Elderberry Galahad;
  • Carmorn Cantona.
Export status and delivery

According to the renowned commercial heifer producer, all entries are export-ready for export to mainland UK.

To make the process as “simple as possible” for buyers, he will arrange delivery to a specialist export centre near Carlisle from which further transport can be organised.

According to the livestock auctioneer company, the collaboration aims to open the sale to an increasing interest from mainland UK, whilst supporting buyers in purchasing some of the “finest” commercial heifers on offer.

Growing interest from mainland UK

James Alexander, owner of Jalex Livestock, said:

“We have invited Harrison & Hetherington to conduct the sale as one of the most noted UK auctioneers.”

“We know they have the resources to offer buyers from mainland UK access to our sales and the quality heifers we sell.”

“Our most recent sales have seen a growing interest from mainland UK, and we aim to expand our audience and geographical coverage further.”

‘A very special sale with very special heifers’

Auctioneer, James Little, described this as a “very special sale with very special heifers”.

“I have known James for many years. He is a regular purchaser of top-class stock here at Borderway. I did not think we would ever see a run of heifers like this – the quality is phenomenal.”

“This has been an annual event for several years, and we are delighted to be part of it. I am certain that, as always, it will be a real spectacle.”

“Despite being commercial heifers, due to the traceability requirements in Ireland, James works hard to produce pedigree lineage and family history for each heifer. James really does go the extra mile, and the information available to purchasers is unprecedented.”

“It is an absolute privilege to be invited to sell these heifers on behalf of the Alexander family. It gives our customers a unique opportunity to invest in some incredible heifers,” he added.

Jalexcattle 1647618401 (1)
Jalex heifer sale. Image credit: Harrison & Hetherington
Bus service and bidding

Harrison & Hetherington has arranged for a bus to transport buyers to the sale from mainland UK.

The bus will leave Borderway Mart on the morning of the sale with further collection points en-route by arrangement.

Bidding is available online via Harrison & Hetherington and Mart Eye.

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