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Limited supply of semen from renowned Simmental sires

Progressive Genetics is marketing a limited supply of semen from Hillcrest Butcher (HBE) and Monaduff Lord (MUU), on behalf of Alex Ross of the renowned Monaduff Simmental herd.

Martin Regan, of Progressive Genetics, told That’s Farming that the AI company is targeting these sires at pedigree Simmental breeders, both nationally and internationally.

“The bulls have been stored in Progressive Genetics for the last number of years. Alec has decided to sell their straws through our webpage. Straws can be distributed to local AI technicians or DIY flasks, whichever, by Progressive Genetics staff.”

Hillcrest Butcher

Firstly, July-1991-born Hillcrest Butcher is a Magheracrigan Special (MGP) son and is out of Camus Solitaire (dam). He carries Orage, and Siegfried blood in his pedigree stack.

Martin believes this sire’s abilities lie in improving females’ conformation, and docility, making him suitable for breeders focusing primarily on boosting maternal traits.

“He has done a lot over the years; it is great to see him come back on stream again. He would have been widely used in Simmental breeding programmes, especially in pedigree breeding.”

“He was an all-round bull, probably one of the leading bulls in his era both for weanling and cow production. A lot of pedigree Simmental cattle in the country at the moment would have Butcher somewhere in their breeding.”

Hillcrest Butcher, AI Simmental bulls
Hillcrest Butcher – Image supplied by Progressive Genetics
Monaduff Lord 

February-2000-born Monaduff Lord is a Brinkton Sovereign (BSV) son out of a Hillcrest Evita dam (Magheracrigan Special daughter). Furthermore, he carries Lodge Major, Siegfried and Orage blood.

Regan believes bull has the ability to enhance desirable characteristics for beef production, and is mainly suitable for breeders focusing on improving paternal traits.

“He is easy calving and will produce good bulls for the beef sector. He is a powerful bull that bred some very good cattle.”

Limited availability and price

Martin stated that it is promising to see the inclusion of older bloodlines into the modern-day Simmental gene pool and, therefore, views this as a boost for the Simmental breed itself.

“These bulls are going back as far as 1991 and 2000; they are well and truly proven bulls. I do not think there is a breeder this side of the water or in England, Scotland or Wales that would not know of them.”

“When you have bloodlines that have done so well, going back years that have now become available again, it is a great boost.”

Hillcrest Butcher’s straws are priced at €200/unit, while Monaduff Lord’s semen can be purchased for €60/unit – place your order on Progressive Genetics’ website.

Sire selection

Martin highlighted that farmers are utilising Simmental sires mainly for producing replacement females because of the breed’s strong maternal abilities.

“Their ability to rear a calf is good; they have plenty of milk and good docility. They make a lovely cow when crossed with any other breed.”

“You have a premium weanling, especially in the heifer trade. Look at the sales the Irish  Simmental Society hosts annually.”

“There are a lot of people looking for Simmental and Simmental-cross heifers. If you come across one in the mart, you will be paying a premium price. A lot of people are holding onto them and selling them off as cows too.”

Similarly, Martin also commented on the increasing popularity of Belgian Blue bulls due to the demand for roan-coloured heifers.

“We have a selection of new bulls coming up. To note, Koreas P, a polled heterozygous bull, another sire, New Red, a red and white bull, and another bull, PPS (PATISSIER DE LA GRANDE ROSE).”

“All of them carry the red gene, a trait which is sought-after by commercial farmers throughout the country, looking for roan heifers,” Martin concluded.

Further information

For more information, contact Martin Regan on 086-8216253 or see Progressive Genetics’ website.

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