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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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Headford: Weather conditions fail to deter trade with prices to €2,540

Headford Mart – Cattle Prices – 10-12-2022

Weather conditions may have impacted Headford Mart’s sale size on Saturday, December 10th, 2022, but they by no means hampered trade, Joyce Whelan, its interim manager.

She told That’s Farming that “mart gates opened at -3 degrees, with treacherous roads leaving some unable to travel with stock”.

“However, this did not deter buyers online, and ringside where we saw full clearance in both yards and a top price per kg of €5.71/kg was forked out by an Offaly buyer.”

“In the cattle ring, the sale started a little after 10 am as LSL worked on their IT programme. This gave farmers travelling in the bad weather plenty of time to get set up.”

Dry cow prices

Dry cows continued to start off its cattle sales with prices to €2,200 for a 920Kg CHX and €2,100 for an 875Kg CHX.

The best price per kg went to Shrule farmer for his SIX, which made €1760 and weighed in 695Kg.

Whelan reported that “in truth, cows across the board were making over €2.20/kg”.

Bullock prices

According to the interim manager, bullock numbers were back a bit on bookings due to the weather, and this favoured those who travelled.

The best price per kg was €3.34/kg for a CHX, weighing 440Kg which changed hands for €1470. Other samples included:

  • LMX – 485Kg – €1400 – €2.89/kg;
  • BBX – 430Kg – €1260 – €2.93/kg;
  • LMX – 443Kg – €1420 – €3.21/kg;
  • AAX – 425Kg – €1120 – €2.64/kg.

Heavier bullocks made up to €3.12/Kg, with one LMX crossing the scales at 815kg and leading the charge at €2540.

  • CHX – 825Kg – €2300 – €2.79/kg;
  • LMX – 833Kg – €2440 – €2.93/kg;
  • AAX – 615Kg – €1620;
  • HEX – 610Kg – €1560.
Heifer prices

Heifer prices topped €5.71/kg, with Caherlistrane farmer going home delighted!

Other samples included

  • LMX – 480Kg – €1350 – €2.81/Kg;
  • AAX – 390Kg – €950 – €2.44/Kg;
  • CHX – 525Kg – €1490 – €2.84/Kg;
  • BBX – 610Kg – €1930 – €3.16/Kg;
  • LMX – 615Kg – €1870 – €3.04/Kg;
  • BBX – 555Kg – €1690 – €3.05/Kg;
  • CHX – 715Kg – €1940 – €2.70/Kg.

Weanling prices

According to the interim manager, prices in the weanling rings “held well and signs by, numbers are good for this time of year”.

Sheep prices

In the Sheep yard, the best price of the day of €3.10 was paid by a local buyer for 11 wether lambs weighing 42Kg, followed by 15 wether lambs weighing 50Kg at €150/head.

Whelan concluded:

“Next Saturday is our Christmas Cracker Special – the last sale of the year. We will have plenty of prizes throughout the day – and even heard tell of a new seller coming ringside.”

“Valarie is baking up a storm in aid of Cancer Care West, and we invite anyone who wants to donate a bun or caca milís to pop down and join us on the day.”

“There will be mulled wine and goodies for all the good lads ‘n lassies,” she laughed.

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