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Video: Over 250,000-acres of farmland mapped using Herdwatch

All farmers in Ireland and the UK can now map their farms for free in a matter of minutes, thanks to a new service launched by Herdwatch, the leading farm management software being used on over 18,000 farms.

Herdwatch estimates this service could provide substantial savings to farmers as traditional farm mapping services can cost hundreds of euros.

Farm Maps by Herdwatch is a simple way for farmers to create maps of their farms using satellite imagery directly on their phones.

Fields can then be named, and colour coded based on what they are used for.

The service also enables farmers to create paddocks and spray records for farm compliance, eliminating paperwork and allowing them to make better and quicker decisions.

Land size is automatically calculated, providing farmers with the area of their field in hectares and acres as they create the map.

Herdwatch members mapped over 300,000 acres of farmland in the app.

This mapping service will facilitate the use of more advanced features Herdwatch is currently developing, including environmental tools which will provide precision soil health solutions as well as details around fertiliser usage and carbon management.

Farm Maps by Herdwatch

✔️ Create your farm map FREE in minutes

Farm Maps by Herdwatch allows you to create a map of your farm simply using satellite imagery.

There is no longer any need for additional farm mapping programs or spending money on surveyors. Farm Maps by Herdwatch is a simple solution to map your farm in a matter of minutes.

✔️ Easily identify your paddocks

Customise your paddocks by name, ensuring you can easily identify your fields.

Colour coordinate your paddocks by purpose to indicate crop type & record usage making your farm map easy to view.

✔️ Edit your boundaries

Move your paddock boundaries with ease to precisely match your farm layout as you move boundaries.

✔️ Paddock Measurement

Easily calculate the area of your paddock using Farm Maps by Herdwatch. The app will provide you with the area of your field in hectares and acres when creating the map.

✔️Create Paddock & Spray Records

Stay on top of your farm compliance paperwork by creating paddock & spray records. Record all your field and paddock jobs and notes quickly & view them through the map

Farmer’s testimonial

We recently visited Barney Carroll in Cregmore, Co. Galway, who runs a dairy store-to-beef system along with 70 commercial ewes and a small flock of pedigree Suffolk ewes.

He is using the Herdwatch & Flockwatch app to manage both his cattle and sheep.

He commented: “I have all the land marked out in the app; it’s actually a very handy tool.”
“You can record if you’re using pesticides or fertilizer, you can record what’s going where or how much you’re using.”

Features and benefits

Talking about the app’s ease of use, Barney said: “It’s the simplest thing I’ve ever used.

“In terms of farm inspections, I have only started using the app since our last inspection, but I think going forward, it’s going to be very beneficial.

“I’ll just have to print off the Bord Bia inspection report form, and it’s there ready to hand over.”

Barney continued: “Recording feed purchases is also another useful benefit.

“Once concentrate feed is dropped at the farm, the docket is left by the deliverer, and all I do is input it straight away on the phone in Herdwatch.

“You can keep track basically of everything you buy without having to go back looking for and over dockets – which we did in the past, which took up a lot of time and ran patience dry,” concluded Barney.

Other features in the Herdwatch app include:

  • Easy calf registration & movements
  • Effortless setup with auto herd sync
  • Full herd & breeding management (including ICBF integration)
  • Feed & remedies compliance for Quality Assurance
  • Milk Records & Insights to help drive cow performance
  • Field, spray, & fertiliser records
  • Weight recording & ADG analysis
  • Order replacement tags & more….

You can join Barney and over 18,000 other farmers on Herdwatch by downloading the app and say goodbye to farm paperwork once and for all.

To get started on Herdwatch today in minutes:

  • Step 1: Download the free Herdwatch app by clicking this link.
  • Step 2: Select your farm type and create your FREE account. 
  • Alternatively, visit herdwatch.ie for more information.
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