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5 dog breeds to consider for your farm

In this article, Dur-e-Sabih looks at why you need dogs on a farm, five breeds that may be suitable for farm life and desirable traits/qualities.

Why do you need dogs on a farm?

Owning a dog is very important if you own a farm. Dogs are extremely helpful around the farm. They provide general safety.

Farms cover huge areas of land. Living on a farm can be isolating. Having a dog around provides protection. Dogs can identify unwelcomed visitors or predators and raise an alarm.

Dogs are also excellent at keeping a farm rat-free. Barns, in particular, are prone to rat infestations.

Research conducted by the University of Florida proves that dogs, rather than cats are better at catching rats and rodents.

Aside from keeping a farm free of rats, dogs also protect other farm animals.

Dogs are the best deterrent against wolves, coyotes, and other predators. Also, they help in rounding up animals during grazing.

Another benefit of having a dog on a farm is the companionship they provide.

Dogs are loyal and friendly. They are also interactive animals, unlike other kinds of farm animals. Living on a farm can be a lonely experience. Having a dog around is a great company.

Five dog breeds suitable for farm life

Not all kinds of dogs are suitable for farm life. Certain breeds fare far better.

Here are the five dog breeds best suited for living on the farm:

  • German Shepherd;
  • Australian Cattle Dog;
  • Border Collie;
  • Jack Russell Terrier;
  • The Great Pyrenees
German Shepherd

German Shepherd puppies are adorable and great pets. But did you know that the German Shepherd is one of the best dog breeds to have on a farm? They are known for being active, intelligent, and versatile, all the qualities needed in a good farm dog.

They can hunt, guard, and provide companionship. What makes German Shepherd suitable for farm life is their hard-working nature.

Farm work is taxing, and it requires a lot of work to run a successful farm.

A German Shepherd will work tirelessly and run around to get everything you require done.

They are also easy to train. German Shepherd is well-known for following commands. Their athletic build makes them perfect for farm life.

Australian Cattle Dog

An Australian Cattle Dog or a Heeler is another breed perfect for farm life. They are built shorter than German Shepherd. However, they are sturdy, and the small size can come in handy as it makes them more agile.

Much like the German Shepherd, Australian Cattle Dogs also perform multiple tasks.

They are good guardians and chase out pests. On top of that, they are friendly and socialise easily.

They are extremely loyal and intelligent. Despite their short stature, the Australian Cattle Dog is a tough breed. All these features make them suitable for laborious farm life.

Border Collie

Talking about smart and hardworking dogs, it would not be right not to include the Border Collie.

The name of this breed reflects the fact that they originated at the Scottish-English border.

A Border Collie is a short, stout dog. But do not let appearances fool you.

These dogs are naturally good herders. They are strong and fast. They can round up cattle with ease, as they are energetic.

Border Collie is very obedient and loyal. Few dogs are as hardworking as the Border Collie making them great dogs on any farm.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers are extremely energetic. They are very active and known for being playful.

Also, they have another important quality; they like to hunt down pests.

If you own a farm that has an infestation, leave it to a Jack Russell Terrier. Whether it is rats or rodents, or any other pest, rest assured that it will not be a problem. Jack Russell Terriers have an excellent sense of smell. They specialise in hunting small animals.

A farm is a great place for a Jack Russell Terrier. They have plenty of room to run around and get all the extra energy out.

The Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a large dog, as its name suggests. They are perfect guardians. They have a strong duty to protect and guard. This makes them the best dogs on a farm if you are in an area with many predators.

Their size and tenacity will keep any intruders at bay. The Great Pyrenees also has a thick coat, which is why they are suited for colder climates.

Great Pyrenees are a gentle breed. They bond easily, not just with humans but also with other animals. This is why they are such great guardians.

Qualities to look for in a farm dog

There are many breeds of dogs that friendly and loyal. However, for farm life, you do not only need a dog that provides companionship. You need a hardworking breed. One that is tough and active.

You do not need a dog that would require a lot of care; instead, you need one that shares in the work.

Look for breeds that have an athletic build. They can be strong and tall like the German Shepherd or the Great Pyrenees.

Alternatively, they can be short but stout like the Border Collie and the Australian Cattle Dog.

Two things all dogs are suited for farm life in common are their intelligence and hardworking nature. After all, living on a farm is no walk in the park.

Farm Life and Pets

Most of us treat our pets like children. Meaning we do everything for them. Farm life, however, is much different.

A dog living on a farm is much more than a pet; they actively contribute to running the farm.

They have certain duties. These may be guarding animals and the area or hunting down pests.

Furthermore, they may even help in herding cattle. Regardless of their job, it is practical to have dogs on a farm.

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