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The 10 dos and don’ts of dating: Tips for farmers

Dating tips for farmers

In this article, The Soul Mate Coach, Jeanne Sullivan Billeci, provides That’s Farming readers with dating tips for farmers.

Being your authentic self without holding anything back is the secret sauce to attracting a partner who supports and elevates them instead of holding them back.

After years of coaching in the corporate world—helping people grow in leadership, marketing and business/personal relationships— I decided to pursue her life passion and become The Soul Mate Coach.

So here are more top 10 dos and don’t dating tips for farmers:

Top 5 dos if you’re looking for a partner
  1. Fly your freak flag – be your most authentic self, and do not hold anything back. You WANT to scare away the people who cannot handle your wonderfully weird self! When you are a farmer, you barely have time to date the right person!
  2. Prioritize seeking people who are compatible with your values and lifestyle over intense sexual chemistry. When the latter wears off after about 18 months, you need a different spark to keep the embers burning.
  3. Often dating online can be a better option for people as it will save you time over trying to find people at the pub who are focused on their friends or the match. A well-written profile sharing your goals, values and lifestyle with authentic photos will help you screen and waste less time on bad dates with people who wonder why you cannot text them all day long.
  4. Speaking of profiles, include your deal breakers and top two love languages so you can attract the people who match your deepest needs. Common deal breakers include whether or not you want to have kids or get married, alcohol usage, etc. Love languages are physical affection, gifts, acts of service, quality time and affirmations.
  5. If you are living with your parents, make sure to get across that you are independent and not looking for a housekeeper with benefits.
Top 5 don’ts if you’re looking for a partner
  1. In some cases, you must avoid dating people who do not have a background in farming or who do not dream of farming. They will likely resent your long hours away from them.
  2. Do not write a dating profile that is just a list of adjectives; it is boring, and adjectives like funny and “nice” mean different things to different people. Instead, paint a picture of what your version of funny or “nice” looks like, such as “My friends say I am the love child of Tommy Tiernan and Sharon Horgan” or “While I have been known to mutter a few choice words behind the wheel in traffic, I am a sucker for a stray or someone in need.”
  3. Do not show up on the first date with an old t-shirt and jeans. Make an effort to wear something that shows a little effort and makes you feel good without going over the top. It raises your vibe, and your date will feel special. Think business casual vs wedding.
  4. Do not confuse confidence with arrogance; being comfortable in your skin and respecting yourself puts the other person at ease.
  5. Do not criticize your ex on the first couple of dates; the farming community is small, and it will come back to you. Plus, your date will wonder if you will do the same to them if you break up.

If you need a little advice, contact Jeanne at, where you can book a free consult or join a webinar on November 26th.

Interview with That’s Farming

Our editor, Catherina Cunnane, interviewed her last week in this news article, where she discussed shifting her dating approach over a decade over, finding her husband overnight, and helping others to find their other half.

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