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‘Stand up for you, your farm and the next generation of farmers’

The Irish Beef & Lamb Association – IBLA – expresses its views on convergence and urges farmers to partake in CAP consultation ‘town hall’ meetings.

The IBLA examined the recent DAFM modelling on how CAP convergence will impact our farmers.

The benefits to many outweigh the losses to the few. Rural Ireland and everyone farming in it need maximum support to remain on the land.

Climate change, viability, sustainability are all buzz words. Still, as we see from the recent Teagasc report on incomes in the farming sector, the only line that matters is net profit.

At the end of the week, what you have in your hand from your sweat and toil is what is the most important.

The Teagasc report has identified that net profit is non-existent under the current supply chain models.


How any government department or any farm organisation would not choose the option, which helps support our farmers as much as possible, is not considering the best interests of family farms and rural communities.

Under the 85% convergence model, cattle rearing farmers will benefit the most and also under the 100% convergence model.

This sector has always been at a disadvantage. It is now time for these farmers to voice what they want.

‘Town hall meetings’

We live in a democratic society, and as many farmers as possible should register for the town hall meetings, which Minister McConalogue is running on August 10th, 11th & 12th.

The meetings are called to gather opinions. IBLA suggests that as a farmer, you request a ballot on the options for convergence and front loading.

This allows farmers to vote on what farmers want. This message needs to be voiced in such a way that the minister and others have no option but to hear the will of the people.

In the summer of 2019, farmers stood up and brought a multi-billion euro industry to its knees.


Each farmer’s voice counts. Each submission counts. Stand up for you, your farm and the next generation of farmers.

Remember those who went before, who had not a fair crack of the whip. Take hold of the whip now. Mobilise, organise, send a message home to the minister.

We will no longer be seen and not heard. You have the option to vote at the end of each meeting; come out and vote for what you want.

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