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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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8 Belgian Blue bulls to produce show-type and export-quality calves

According to beef programme manager at Dovea Genetics, John Lynch, generally Belgian Blues have witnessed a surge in popularity over the last five years.

In response to a query from That’s Farming during a recent suckler-beef breeding webinar, he revealed that in 2010, Belgian Blues accounted for 33% of the bovine genetics’ company’s semen sales.

He added that Belgian Blue usage within its customer base then dipped as low as 8-9% and has potentially increased again to circa 15% this year.

During the webinar, he provided viewers with an insight into eight of the firm’s new and existing sires, which we have summarised in this news article.

Belgian Blues available from Dovea Genetics:

  1. Maradona Du Champ Du Moulin;
  2. Geronimo Van Perenhof – New;
  3. Jojo du Saivary – New;
  4. Modertao De L’Empereur;
  5. An de Beauffaux;
  6. Bricolage De Beauffaux – New;
  7. Red Lions De La Rouge Cense;
  8. Boherard Overdose ET – New.

John Lynch provided the following information about each bull during the webinar:

Maradona Du Champ Du Moulin – BB7942

  • “Very” extreme, medium-boned;
  • For top-end suckler farmer producing high-end weanlings;
  • Muscle, length, width and style;
  • Weanling producer;
  • The “most exciting sire seen in Belgium over the last decade” – John Lynch;
  • Two copies of NT821 gene;
  • Semen in Dovea since spring 2022.


Geronimo Van Perenhof – BB8544

  • Colour – black and white;
  • Functional;
  • Generations of extreme shape in Geronimo, including Benhur, Imperial and Osborne;
  • Extreme muscle and style in one package – Lynch;
  • Potential show calf breeder;
  • Two copies of NT821 gene.
Blanc Bleu Belge via Facebook

Jojo du Saivary – BB8529

  • Black and white spotted bull;
  • All-round sire;
  • Potential producer of prime daughters;
  • Functional, wide, long, style and muscle;
  • Two copies of NT821 gene.


Modertao De L’Empereur – BB6700

  • White bull;
  • Producer of blue and white coloured progeny that have extreme muscle and are long and correct;
  • Show stopper: Sired overall pedigree Belgian Blue champion at Tullamore Show 2022;
  • Two copies of NT821 genes.

Mod Bull

An de Beauffaux – BB4438

  • Two copies of NT821 gene;
  • Easy calving Belgian Blue sire – ideal for second-calvers onwards;
  • Carries the red gene;
  • Hitting “high notes” at weanling sales – Lynch.

An De B

Bricolage De Beauffaux – BB4494

  • White in colour;
  • Easy calving – 6% calving difficulty on beef cows;
  • Well proven;
  • Progeny: Breeding blue roans and blue greys;
  • Suitable for second calvers and onwards;
  • Weanling producer;
  • Two copies of NT821 genes.


Red Lions De La Rouge Cense – BB8736 [main image]

  • Red and white sire – possibly the best from Dovea Genetics since BB2247 – Lynch;
  • Good length;
  • Has extreme shape, colour, class and style machine;
  • First 1,000 doses arrived into Ireland three weeks – almost sold out and awaiting second shipment;
  • Two copies of NT821 genes.

Boherard Overdose ET – BB8337

  • James Bond son;
  • Sexed female semen available in December 2022;
  • First calves arriving in spring 2023;
  • Weanling producer.

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White bulls and advice for maiden heifers

In brief, Lynch told viewers that, in general, “white bulls will breed more colour than coloured bulls”.

As a word of caution, he also stressed that “as an AI company, we would never recommend using a Belgian Blue bull on a maiden heifer”.

In a previous news article, John Lynch how suckler farmers can produce export-quality weanlings.

Images in this article via Dovea Genetics.

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