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15 things people do not tell you about becoming a farm vet

Becoming a Farm Vet

That’s Farming’s light-hearted take on what people do not tell you about becoming a farm vet.

  1. You will need more patience than you could have ever imagined – some farmers will not always have their full cattle herd rounded up by the time you arrive for the TB test (despite all the notice you gave)
  2. You are still debating whether the course or the job itself is harder
  3. Spring is a test of how many hours you can function on without a full night’s sleep
  4. You argue that small animal practice would be a better fit for you
  1. You must learn to expect the unexpected – No matter how hard you try, cases do not always go your way
  2. ‘When you are here, you might look at this, this and this and do this, that and the other’ is a common line from a farmer – Do not think you got called to look at just one animal
  3. If you are not a fan of tea, coffee or energy drinks, veterinary will change that
  4. You have more plastic containers, wrappers, and coffee/tea cups in your vehicle’s footwell than some landfill sites
  5. Between breakfast, dinner, dessert and tea, farmers will keep you fed and watered in between calls
  6. There are times when you question why you decided to become a vet. There are days when you wonder why you do not swap this for a 9 am-5 pm pen-pushing job in an office
  7. You spent years learning things in college that you may never apply in practice
  8. No matter how many cattle or sheep you tend to during the day, you have the desire to come home to your own flock or herd each evening/night
  9. A shiver still runs down your spine when you get a call for a 3 am C-section even after years of graduating
  10. If you have an other half, you may not see them as often as you like, so taking them on call might be the only option
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